Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Earth Angel Poem-OLD MUSHY CRAP

I'm going to start using this blog more often now to post cosplay pictures, and other artsy stuff I.E writing, drawings, and pictures. For now, I'm going to leave this here so you guys can laugh at this old MUSHY poem that I wrote 5 years ago to someone that I used to like. IT'S MUSHY, SAPPY AND I'M DOING IT FOR THE LULZ. Have fun reading it.

Earth Angel
By Jorge Antonio Rivera

I've never thought that I was going to love again,
3 years of searching finally came to an end,
Golden hair, emerald eyes,
Saw the silky feathers behind your back,
Spread out to cover me in warmth and protection,
I fell in love at 1st sight

Lonely dreams, endless nights,
Heart clouded in darkness,
You came to save me,
Take me in your Flight,
My life no longer in dreariness

You have the face of love and warmth,
Softly, you ruby red lips kissed me,
Conquered my darkest fear,
That word "love" is no longer a dream

Your soft skin, full of light,
It's like snow, soft and playful,
Emerald eyes that change color,
Becoming one with the sea,
I want to drown myself in them,
Don't want to be rescued by your grace

I'll protect you and worship you,
No longer alone in this world,
We belong together, Yin-Yang combined,
The gracious heavens sent you to me,
I love you so much, be one with me,
If I do get hurt,
Then I want you to hurt me,
Love is a risk,
I'll take that gamble with you, my earth angel,

Be honest and sincere, I'll be,
Faithful to you, till the end,
Cover me with your feathery wings,
Let's take flight

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rozen Maiden-Surivor's Guilt

This is kinda old, but i guess at the time that a 2nd season wasn't coming, I decided to write it. Who knew that this teaser would be somewhat akin to the 1st episode of Traumend? LOL. Anyway, enjoy:

Rozen Maiden-Survivor's Guilt

A story by Jorge Antonio Rivera

Based on the characters created by Peach-Pit

Published in Japan by Getonsha Comics
Appearing in Monthly Birz Comics
Published in USA and Canada by Tokyopop

Rozen Maiden-Survivor's Guilt

(c)2006 Animecraft Entertainment
(c)2006 Peach-Pit

This is a work of fiction and it is fan made. It is not to be
published in any form, because in reality, I don't want to get sued.

A year has passed between the end of Shinku's and Suigintou's confrontation.
Shinku has suffered nightmares concerning Suigintou, who she feels did not have to die
at her hands, but because of the Alice Game, she had to. This is her story and the story
that I hopefully will one day see animated as an OVA. More about Rozen Maiden, go here:

Hopefully, there will be a 3rd season of this amazing series. Now, sit back and read this
in-between story between the original and Traumend. Constructive C&C is always welcome.

Rozen Maiden
Survivor's Guilt

Jun scoops up Shinku onto his right arm as soon as the others dolls appear to confront Suigintou.
Shinku is badly damaged, her left arm torn apart by Suigintou's attack, and as they run, Shinku looks
towards the other dolls and see Suigintou prepare to finish her attack. Jun, in his dream world has created
a lonely house on top of a small hill that overlooks his world, the darkened clouds that surrounded his heart
slowly breaking away to reveal sunlight drifting down. They make it inside, and puts Shinku down on the small
brown sofa, ready to fix her. She turns around towards the door and sees Suiseiseki's, Souseiseki's and Hina Ichigo's
heads rolling towards her. Her deep blue eyes widened in terror as one of Suigintou's wings, now become a black dragon
pierces Jun from behind, and Shinku's Rosa Mystica breaks.

"Shinku, I will turn you to Junk"
"Shinku, why did you let me die?"
"Shinku, this is the price for not following the rules"

Suigintou slowly comes inside, her black lolita clothes torn asunder, her incomplete body burning with a deep blue flame.
Shinku just stares at her, and slowly she becomes engulfed in flames. She tries to scream, her lovely mouth
makes no sound as the flames ignite her red dress.

"Become like me, BECOME JUNK!!!" Suigintou laughs and laughs, maniacally, revealing her black soul, while
the rosa mysticas of the other dolls float inside her. Shinku reaches towards her and screams again, this time,
a loud horrifying sound finally escapes her. Suigintou just smiles.

A loud pop opens her sleeping quarters, also known as her suitcase. She appears shaken and frightened, and sweat or
what we could sweat appears on her, making her doll clothes wet. Slowly, she gets out, the moonlight streaming inside
Jun's bedroom window and for once, she doesn't know what to do.

The next morning, as the morning hijinks ensue between Suiseiseki and Hina-Ichigo roll around, Jun sees Shinku slowly
walking down the stairs. He pretends not to notice until Shinku hits Jun on the shin, hard with her shoes.

"OW~! What did you do that for?" Jun looks at Shinku, a glare that Shinku does not back down.
"You didn't make me tea this morning. Where's Nori?" She asks, her voice composed of aristocracy and being in charge.
"Why should I make you tea? I'm not your slave!" Jun shots back.
Shinku gets her cane and taps Jun on his ring finger. " This says otherwise. Now, please make me some tea." Shinju asks
politely, Jun grumbles and goes makes Shinku's tea. Hina-Ichigo walks towards Jun and pulls gently on his pants.
" I want some Unyuu, and Nori's Hana Hamburger" She cutely asks.
"Chibi-Ningen! I want cookies and make my tea not lukewarm, desu." Suiseiseki demands, her voice bratty and making sure
Jun listens.

"Hai, Hai" Jun replies with a hint of annoyance on his voice. He makes the dolls breakfasts and gives to the dolls while he
goes back up to his room to study. They eat their meal in silence, until Hina-Ichigo asks Shinku about the noise in the
room last night. " What happened, nano?" Shinku does not look at her when Hina asks the question. Suiseiseki looks at Hina and
then to Shinku.

"Nothing" She replies.
Hina looks confused, but Suiseiseki looks at Shinku worried.
"You had a bad dream, Shinku?" Suiseiseki asks.
"No dreams. I don't dream." Shinku replies, her voice flat.
"Why are you lying to us?" Sui-chan asks again.
"I'm not lying. I don't dream." For the 1st time, Shinku's voice hints annoyance and is slowly, her composure and calm is breaking.
"I'm going back up to the room to be with Jun. I want you guys to drop this subject." She gets down from the table and walks towards the
stairs. Suiseiseki and Hina-Ichigo just look at her strangely, most of all with a hint of worriedness on their faces. The day rolls around,
with the dolls doing their usual routine. Hina-Ichigo and Suiseiseki watch Detective Kun-Kun on the TV when Shinku comes back down the stairs and
walks towards the closet, where the mirror to the N-Field is being stored. The dolls slowly follow her and as soon as Shinku walks in,
Hina and Suiseiseki stop near the entrance.

"I didn't mean to let you die. You are and always be my sister, Suigintou. I didn't want to fight you, but I had no choice." Shinku paces in front of the
mirror and whispers to it. "Why did Father made us for this purpose?" Shinku's eyes water. Hina and Suiseiseki step out of the side of the door
and walks towards her. Then Shinku tries to step into the mirror but can not. Hina's foot cracks over a wooden piece of floor and Shinku turns around.
Suiseiseki grabs Hina and they fall towards a memory box. Shinku walks pasts them, her elegance and grace composed once more.

"The same dream, The same nightmare." Shinku hears Suigintou's voice in her dream world while she's sipping her tea. Shinku looks at her
and then Suigintou becomes engulfed in flames.
Shinku looks in horror as the tea cup falls and breaks, spilling the tea. She turns away.

"Shinku, Shinku, Shinku, Shinku" The chant from Suigintou's lips take an eerie tone. Shinku turns to her and sees nothing, only the tattered
remains of Suigintou's clothing. She picks it up with her hand and holds it to her chest.
"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry" She breaks down, her blue eyes shedding tears of grief.
Hina-Ichigo hears the muffled sobs and wakes up. She opens her suitcase, crawls out and goes over to Shinku's briefcase. She opens it
and sees tears flowing from Shinku's closed eyes. She walks into Shinku's case and slowly picks up her head and puts her on her lap.
Then she turns to the window and sees a black feather floating down in the pale moonlight.

"She lives?"